Gender and Wellbeing Scan

16 Week+

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Upgrade to a USB package for an additional £20.00

  • Confirm your pregnancy
  • Confirm if you have one baby or multiple babies
  • Check all is ok with your baby's heartbeat
  • Check your baby is growing well and they are progressing within normal parameters
  • Check your amniotic fluid
  • Check the placement of your placenta
  • Check the positioning of your baby
  • Get an estimated due date
  • Find out the gender of your baby!
  • Receive a medical report of your scan
  • Receive four printed images of your baby to take away
  • Bring a partner, friend or family member with you to the scan

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What will happen at my Gender and Wellbeing Scan?
At Yorkshire Baby Scan we perform gender scans from 16 weeks of pregnancy - much earlier than on the NHS where you can find out the gender of your baby at your 20-week scan.

There are limitations with the gender scan:

  • If the baby is not in a favourable position finding out their gender can be less successful
  • If you're a lady with a higher BMI it can be more difficult to scan to assess gender due to the limitations of ultrasound

How should I prepare for my Gender and Wellbeing Scan?
Please arrive with a full bladder. This will help the sonographer be able to get a clear picture of your baby on the scan.

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