Gender and Growth Scan

24+ Weeks

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Upgrade to a USB package for an additional £20.00

Upgrade to 8 printed images of your baby for an additional £20.00

Upgrade to a 4D scan on the day for an additional £30.00.

  • A visual check of your babies heart beat
  • We will asses how your baby is laying
  • Check how well your baby is growing and give an estimated fetal weight (EFW)
  • Assess the placement of your placenta
  • Check the fluid around your baby is at a normal level
  • Assess the blood flow to baby through the umbilical cord
  • Find out the gender if you wish
  • Bring a partner, friend or family member with you to the scan

About your Growth Scan
A growing baby is a healthy baby! We recommend serial growth scans during pregnancy at 28, 32 and 36 weeks in order to monitor your baby's growing velocity pattern.

Your sonographer will check that your baby is growing within normal parameters by measuring their head circumference, abdominal circumference and femur length. These will give the sonographer the estimated weight of your baby.

At the scan your sonographer will look at the amniotic fluid around your baby and complete an umbilical artery doppler assessment which will measure the blood flow to your placenta.

Your sonographer will also check the position of your placenta and look at the presentation of your baby.

All of the above assessments will help to assess the well-being of your baby and ensure they are happy, healthy and growing well.

Please Note

If you know you are expecting twins or multiples, please book over the phone on 01904 413669 so that we can allocate more time for your appointment and make you aware of the extra cost involved.

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