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NIPT and Scan

10-40 Weeks

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Upgrade to a USB package for an additional £20.00

Upgrade to 8 printed images of your baby for an additional £20.00

  • Confirm your pregancy
  • Confirm if you have one baby or multiple babies
  • Check your baby's heartbeat visualisation
  • An ovary and pelvic area assessment to check everything is fine with your body and your baby is in the correct place
  • Find out the sex of your baby (optional)
  • Receive a medical report of your scan
  • Bring a partner, friend or family member with you to the scan

Why have an NIPT test? What will I find out?
An NIPT test is a non-invasive blood test that screens for specific chromosomal conditions in pregnancy. The test can be performed from when you are 10 weeks pregnant.

The NIPT test screens for the following conditions:

  • Down's syndrome (T21)
  • Edward's syndrome (T18)
  • Patau's syndrome (T13)

The NIPT test for Down's syndrome is very reliable. The detection rate is greater than 99% and the test has less than a 1 in 1000 false positive rate.

If you choose, the NIPT test can also determine the sex of your baby with 99.6% sensitivity.

This test is suitable for pregnant women aged 18 years and above.

This test is suitable for a single and a twin pregnancy.

Your results will take an average of 10 working days, and these will be communicated directly to you from the laboratory via an online portal. You will be able to track the progress of your results online.

Should any results from your test be abnormal, it is recommended that you contact your midwife to discuss these.

Receiving your results
When the laboratory has analysed your sample, the results will be sent to Melio together with a detailed PDF report explaining the results. One of Melio's doctors will also review your results and post a personalised medical comment in your Melio account.

When your results are ready, you'll receive an SMS notification to login to your Melio account to access the results.


  • We expect approximately 0.68% of NIPT tests to fail in processing due to the low levels of foetal DNA collected. If this is the case, we will ask for a second sample at no extra charge. In this case a second blood test will be required.
  • The NIPT test is not suitable in cases where there is evidence of a demised or vanished additional foetus.
  • The NIPT test is not suitable if you have cancer or chromosomal abnormalities including T21, T18 and T13.
  • The NIPT test is not suitable if you have received an organ transplant or have received stem cell therapy or immunotherapy in the last 12 months.
  • The NIPT test is not suitable if you have had a blood transfusion within the last 3 months.
  • The NIPT test is not suitable if you have a multiple pregnancy greater than twins.

Please Note

If you are less than 24 weeks pregnant at the time of your appointment, please attend with a full bladder.

If you know you are expecting twins or multiples, please book over the phone on 01904 413669 so that we can allocate more time for your appointment and make you aware of the extra cost involved.

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