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Presentation Scan

36+ Weeks

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Upgrade to a USB package for an additional £20.00

  • Confirm your pregancy
  • Check all is ok with your baby's heartbeat
  • Check your amniotic fluid
  • Check the blood flow to your baby through your umbilical cord
  • Check the positioning of your baby
  • Receive a medical report of your scan
  • Bring a partner, friend or family member with you to the scan

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As you near the end of your pregnancy, the presentation scan gives you peace of mind that all is well before the birth. Your sonographer will look at the presentation of your baby and how they are positioned in your womb and how much amniotic fluid is around your baby. They will also look at the blood flow to the baby in the umbilical artery doppler assessment.

This is the last scan we offer before your baby is born and you begin your parenting journey.

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